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Mission statement 2017–2022 – Inclusion is worth it

About Statped

Statped is a national centre of expertise within the field of special pedagogics in the education sector, and it is an agency under the Ministry of Education and Research. The direction for Statped’s work is embedded in the annual state budget.

As a part of the education sector in Norway, Statped shall contribute so that children, youth and adults with special education needs in the best possible way can master their own lives and participate actively in education, work and society.

The municipalities and county authorities are responsible for children, youth and adults receiving good and adapted education and training in accordance with kindergarten and school laws and regulations.

Statped shall build and maintain expertise within specialised areas where the challenges are so rare and complex that the municipalities cannot be expected to have the necessary expertise.

Statped’s task is to cooperate with the municipalities and county authorities to ensure good and adapted education and training for all: children, youth and adults. This can be either competence upgrading initiatives in kindergartens or schools or a contribution in an individual case.

Statped shall make its expertise known and available, and be a national and international centre of expertise.

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