An inclusive learning environment |

Mission statement 2017–2022 – Inclusion is worth it

An inclusive learning environment

“Being included is about participating in the school’s learning community together with all the other pupils. This means that each pupil experiences a sense of social belonging and community with others of their own age, while teaching is tailored to ability and need so that the pupil learns and develops both as a person and educationally.” (Centre for learning environment)

Statped has, as a centre of expertise within the field of special pedagogics, an important task in disseminating knowledge and competence that lay the foundation for a society based on equality and participation.

Today a lot of children and youth receive education and training outside the ordinary arena for education and training. In addition, several drop out of upper secondary education and training. Consequently, they will experience limited access to further education and work.

The development of inclusive learning environments starts in kindergarten and requires deliberate planning from the start. Flexible education that allows for the differences between the pupils and that they have different prerequisites and needs is a basis for preventing and reducing bullying.

An inclusive learning environment requires effort, will and competence. Attitudes present in kindergarten and school administrators, personnel, fellow pupils and parents are of great importance for successful inclusion.

Contributions for inclusive learning environment

Statped will

  • communicate attitudes to and knowledge about, inclusive pedagogics, 
  • adapted education and 
  • an inclusive learning environment
  • direct the attention to the role of the leader in kindergarten and school and the importance leadership has for an inclusive kindergarten and school
  • develop the digital possibilities to strengthen the access to teaching, counselling and guidance from Statped
  • develop networks and the sharing of knowledge about inclusion and pedagogical practise
  • contribute to the prevention of bullying

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