Inclusion is worth it! |

Mission statement 2017–2022 – Inclusion is worth it

Inclusion is worth it!

  • for the individual
  • for the learning environment
  • for society

Every human being needs to be part of a community. Social belonging is an important framework for individual growth and professional and academic development. This contributes to enabling everyone to use their competence and potential in collaboration with others.

Being part of the community in kindergarten, school, education, work and leisure increases the opportunity for more people to contribute actively in society. A diversified learning environment is enriching for all.

It is a goal for society to have as few as possible standing outside the ordinary education system, work and social life.

An inclusive society reduces the risk of bullying and exclusion, and is therefore preventive in a life-course perspective.

Some children and youth have such rare and complex challenges that creating a good learning environment is demanding and presupposes access to specialised competence.

Worthwile it to ensure that municipalities and county authorities have access to top competence nationally, to avoid that every municipality and county authority must build and maintain specialised environments. 

Statped contributes to inclusion

Statped will use its top competence in such a way that kindergartens, schools and working life can offer good inclusive learning communities.

Statped has experienced that many from our user groups remain outside the community in kindergarten, school and society. In the future Statped therefore wants to increase the attention given to inclusion.

Statped has chosen the following six areas of priority in which the perspective of inclusion will be given a central position in the period 2017-2022:

  • an inclusive learning environment
  • technology – a tool for inclusion
  • inclusion presupposes updated knowledge
  • we make knowledge available
  • we interact with the users
  • we interact with other actors

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