Inclusion presupposes updated knowledge |

Mission statement 2017–2022 – Inclusion is worth it

Inclusion presupposes updated knowledge

Research and development (R&D) is important in Statped. There is a constant need for more knowledge about how to create good and inclusive learning environments for children, youth and adults.

Statped works directly with children, youth and adults with special needs and has a unique opportunity to identify areas we need to know more about. Statped is especially going to develop knowledge that contributes to inclusive practices where children and youth with special needs are included.

The use of new technology as a prerequisite for participation, wellbeing and learning is an unexplored area in the work with small and vulnerable groups.

Statped shall initiate and carry out R&D projects, both alone and in collaboration with universities, university colleges and other collaborators. We also teach at universities and university colleges and give contributions to the content in relevant educations.

Statped shall communicate findings in R&D and contribute to a knowledge based practise and targeted work to develop new knowledge and new methods based on documented results.

Statped will

  • produce literature reviews
  • initiate R&D in areas where we see the need for new knowledge
  • develop research based knowledge about opportunities and constraints in using new technology
  • collaborate with universities and university colleges nationally and internationally to carry out research projects
  • use research based knowledge to develop good services
  • contribute to communicating new knowledge to collaborators and kindergartens and schools
  • use research based knowledge to look into the learning outcome of special pedagogical practices

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