Technology - a tool for inclusion |

Mission statement 2017–2022 – Inclusion is worth it

Technology - a tool for inclusion

Technology can contribute to inclusion, but can also lead to exclusion if digital learning resources are not adapted and used correctly. Statped shall be an active driving force in the effort to secure positive use of digital technology.

Technology gives new possibilities for inclusion and participation for everyone. Most pupils can now use the same digital learning resources; they just have to be adapted to make room for mastering and learning. Children and youth who need individual adaption may benefit the most from the potential of technology.

Digital technology constitutes a paradigm shift for our user groups and has brought a range of new possibilities. Everyday life for a person with visual impairment is radically changed through the possibilities in mobile technology, synthetic speech and apps. Pupils with reading and writing difficulties can have a new everyday life with speech control and digital reading and writing tools.

The technological development is fast, and there is a daily flood of new digital tools and solutions. It can be difficult for kindergartens and schools to gain an overview and to keep up with the rapid digital development and obtain the necessary competence on methodology and use. It is therefore important that the specialists have access to competence and tools in order to exploit the potential of technology to achieve good inclusion.

Statped will

  • present an overview of available digital learning resources
  • offer good and efficient guidance and counselling about digital learning resources
  • increase the competence of specialists and stimulate to the use of digital learning resources
  • contribute to the development of new learning resources and new teaching methods
  • contribute with knowledge about experience with and effects of digital learning resources
  • contribute to universal design of learning resources and the development of special education learning resources by publishing houses or other producers of learning resources
  • contribute to principal strategic efforts to develop digital infrastructure and digitalisation generally of schools and kindergartens

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