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Mission statement 2017–2022 – Inclusion is worth it

We interact with the users

Users and special interest organisations give us examples on how the efforts in inclusion work in practice and influence the individual’s learning situation. This knowledge is important to use to improve the structure of available choices in the education sector.

User participation is important for Statped. We listen to the users when we develop our services. User meetings and user surveys give input to how we can improve and adjust our services. Everyone should have a positive experience encountering Statped.

For those who apply for services from Statped, the application and processing  should be clear and easy to understand. We increasingly seek to use digital work methods. With e-learning and e-meetings we can more quickly and easily have a dialogue with our users and collaborating partners.

Our expertise shall be available for as many as possible, also for those who do not receive services from Statped. They will have access to our knowledge and expertise through different channels.

Statped.no contains useful and important information about our core areas, and about topics such as early intervention and inclusion. Learning resources and information on how to use them in a pedagogical setting can also be found there

Statped will

  • collaborate with special interest organisations through formalised meeting points and other arenas for user participation
  • use technology smartly and innovatively to make our services easily available and easy to use
  • be conscious of which channels we use and how we express ourselves
  • collect input and be proactive in making suggestions of improvement and change

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