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Mission statement 2017–2022 – Inclusion is worth it

We make knowledge available

Digital media offer new ways to communicate knowledge and provide services, and open up for new ways to interact and to share knowledge and expertise.

In a busy daily routine having expertise easily available is often crucial, furthermore it is crucial that information and material can be taken into use efficiently.

Statped is a specialist environment for those in need of expertise in special pedagogics. This particularly applies to employees in the educational psychological services, kindergartens and schools and to their work to create inclusive learning environments.

We use different tools in the communication work. The use of technology and the use of digital platforms mean that knowledge and expertise can be disseminated faster and in new ways.

However, there will still be a need for physical meeting points and paper based magazines to ensure the sharing of knowledge and building of competence. It is of importance to Statped to provide a variety of communication channels.

Statped will

  • further develop statped.no as an online resource bank for the area of special pedagogics
  • develop e-learning modules within the field of special pedagogics
  • establish digital meeting points for employees in the education sector
  • develop the digital portal for parents on statped.no
  • publish and distribute the Statped Magazine, brochures and publications
  • organise local and national courses and conferences
  • provide learning resources for use in education

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