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Statped is a special needs education support service for municipalities and county municipalities.

Inclusion in mainstream schools is a very important objective of Norwegian educational policy.

In many cases, schools and local authorities will need guidance and competence. Statped assist local authorities in this work and provides special teaching services at individual and system level in areas in which the country’s 430 local authorities do not have sufficient competence.

Statped is uniquely qualified in the field of teaching resources for children, young people and adults with special educational needs.

Statped can offer part-time courses for pupils and for the parents and guardians of deaf, blind and deaf-blind children and pupils needing alternative, supplementary communication. Other teaching will take place at the school in the pupil’s own local authority area, but with individual adaptation. Statped run one national school in Oslo for deaf-blind pupils.


Statped defines a user as a child, young person or adult who has special educational needs. The parents (and guardians) of these children and young people are also considered users.

Users will have access to Statped’s services through municipal and county-municipal agencies. The Educational and Psychological Counselling Service (PPT) will function as the natural intermediary between Statped and its users.

Municipalities, county municipalities, health care institutions and other professional service providers are defined as collaborators and operators within the chain of services.

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