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Statped in other languages

Statped is a national service for special needs education. 

Statped is a national service made up of four regions under the leadership of a main office located in Oslo. 
Statped is currently undergoing a reform that
is intended to secure users all over the country equal
access to Statped’s services. Statped will work in six defined core
areas: the hearing impaired, the visually impaired, the
deaf-blind, those with language and speech difficulties,
those with acquired brain injury and those with learning
Norwegian pupils are entitled to teaching that is as specially-adapted as possible, and as far as possible and advisable, this should take place in the local mainstream school. The law clearly states that:
‘Education in school is to be adapted to the individual
pupil’s abilities and capabilities. Pupils who do not or
cannot achieve a satisfactory learning yield from
ordinary teaching, have a right to special needs
In many cases, schools and local authorities
will need guidance and competence and Statped assists
local authorities in this work and provides special
teaching services at individual and system level in areas
in which the country’s 430 local authorities do not have
sufficient competence.
Inclusion in mainstream schools is a very important
objective of Norwegian educational policy. This implies
that most national special need schools will be converted
into competence centres with the emphasis on part-time
courses for pupils and for the parents and guardians of
deaf, blind and deaf-blind children and pupils needing
alternative, supplementary communication. Other
teaching will take place at the school in the pupil’s own
local authority area, but with individual adaptation. Two
national schools will remain however, after the creation
of the new Statped. These are the school for the deaf in
Trondheim and the school for the deaf-blind in Oslo.

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