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  • Video transcription Ann Adkinds, Debra Sewell, Scott Baltisberger, Sara Kitchen

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...resources for evaluation and activities for instruction will be provided for each skill. We want to share some of the reasons for creating this tactile profile. As teachers of students with visual impairment, ...
  • Video transcription Lisanne Aardoom, Anne Bottenheft

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...do our best to describe everything as good as possible. We hope we can trigger your imagination to some extent. The present sheet shows the case of the board game, in front with five islands, surrounded ...
  • Video transcription Dannyelle Valente, Sophie Blain, Anna Rita Galliano, Edouard Gentaz, Dominique Archaumbault, Lola Chennaz

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...sound. There's prototype those included illustrations with tactile sensors triggering sounds such as some atmospheres, realistic noises and was associated with a digital tablets allowing to adapt the legibility ...
  • Video transcription Carla Sena, Waldirene Carmo

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    2016, Ecuador and Dominican Republic in 2019. The picture shows the course participants exploring some tactile maps. And this slide shows the construction of an aluminium tactile map, one of the hand-made ...
  • JAWS

    10.09.2019 | Kapittel

    ...av tabellesemodus når du har lest tabellen: Ins+Mellomrom Internettkommandoer i JAWS Hurtigtaster som lager lister: Lenkeliste:Ins+F7 Overskriftsliste:Ins+F6 Rammeliste:Ins+F9 Skjemafeltliste:Ins+F5 Bokstavnavigasjon ...
  • Video transcription Antje Mönnig

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...principles of universal design and required feedback from our main target groups. I'm going to show you some aspects and features of our book according to the principles of universal design. First, equitable ...
  • Video transcription Ida Sødahl Utne, Hilde Havsjømoen, Oddvar Øyan, Maria Sandhaug

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...project. To start, Ida will tell you a bit more about the project, after which Hilde will present some results from our survey among pupils, and finally Oddvar will be presenting a learning tool produced ...
  • Video transcription Dorine in ‘t Veld, Lisanne Aardoom

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...over thirty-five in the Netherlands never properly learn to read tactile images. Mostly they only use some tactile images in school for maps or mathematics. And after that, they never use them again since ...
  • Video transcription Sarah Morley Wilkins

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    Consultant of the Daisy Music Braille Project. I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to share with you some of our recent strategic development work to secure the future of music braille production and use ...
  • Tekster med oppgaver

    27.06.2022 | Kapittel

    ...giftig skorpion løs i Stavanger.pdf Last ned gjøken er årets fugl.pdf Last ned glad-nyhet for alle som er glad i vin.pdf Last ned glemte kona.pdf Last ned gode historier.pdf Last ned guiding på egen hånd ...

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