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  • Keynote Diane Wormsley

    20.04.2020 | Artikkel

    ...the US, Australia and Papua New Guinea.  Out of these varied experiences she gradually developed the I-M-ABLE. Dr. Wormsley is currently retired from her position as Endowed Professor at North Carolina Central ...
  • Skuvlačála davvisámegillii/nordsamisk

    04.09.2019 | App

    ...lohkanmetodihkas, Čállit lohkamii boallobeavdejiena ja hupmansyntesa bokte (Å skrive seg til lesing med talende tastatur, STL +). Čállinprográmmas lea giehtačála, vai galgá álkit oahppat dovdat ja čállit ...
  • Video transcription Julie Mulet

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...everybody and thank you for your interest. My name is Julie Mulet. I'm a French postdoctoral fellow in psychology and learning sciences. I'm currently working in a multidisciplinary research laboratory in ...
  • Video transcription Hoelle Corvest, Dorine in t’ Veld

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...what is the composition? What does the beard imply, or the hulbeck? Or the crown or the grasshoppers? I have a consolation. If you want to know more as a blind person, you may consider to get your hands on ...
  • Video transcription Silje Benonisen, Terje Daleng, Anette Smith-Isaksen Holdhus

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...to this presentation of Statped's approach to 3D printing. I am Terje Daleng. SILJE BENONISEN: And I am Silje Benonisen. ANETTE HOLDHUS: And I am Anette Holdhus. We will introduce you to our philosophy ...
  • Practical Information

    25.03.2022 | Artikkel

    Educational Psychological Services (EPS) Student welfare workers School nurse Others Where and how do I attend the conference? Click on the webinar link. Registration form appears, with three short questions ...
  • Video transcription Boguslaw Bob Marek

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    "Drawings are like a language. "But for blind persons, it is a foreign language." As a language teacher, I know that any language can be taught and learned, but one must start with the basics. The basics in ...
  • Video transcription Carla Sena & Barbara Jardao

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    Teaching cartography BARBARA: Hi everyone, I'm Barbara Jordão and my partner is Carla Sena. We are from São Paulo, Brazil, and we are geographers. Today we are here to present our research teaching geography ...
  • Video transcription Ankita Gulati, Boguslaw “Bob” Marek

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    India. My name is Ankita Gulati, I'm the founder of TouchVision, a social enterprise supported by Technology Business Incubation Unit of Institute of Technology Delhi. I worked as an assistive technologies’developer ...
  • Video transcription Oliv Klingenberg, Tove Riseth

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...should have access to the same version in braille. Hi, my name is Tove Riseth. I work with mathematics, braille transcribing, and I produce textbooks in braille. OLIV: My name is Oliv Klingenberg. My doctoral ...

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