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  • Keynote Diane Wormsley

    20.04.2020 | Artikkel

    ...the US, Australia and Papua New Guinea.  Out of these varied experiences she gradually developed the I-M-ABLE. Dr. Wormsley is currently retired from her position as Endowed Professor at North Carolina Central ...
  • Chromebook med skjermlesar

    01.02.2021 | Bok/hefte

    ...skjermlesar. Men det same kan ein òg seia om skriving på iPad eller Mac. Ei løysing for ein elev som går i ein klasse der resten av klassen brukar Chromebook kan vera å bruka ein pc med t.d. skjermlesaren JAWS ...
  • Video transcription Sarah Morley Wilkins

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...music braille production Hello everyone, I'm Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins, the Project Manager and User Experience Consultant of the Daisy Music Braille Project. I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to ...
  • Ord å forklare – ord å samtale om

    28.06.2022 | Kapittel

    Samlingen av ord brukes i forhold til ”viderekomne” pasienter som har utbytte av å samtale om ulike tema, kunne forklare ord og assosiere videre til beslektede tema. Jeg opplever ofte gode, meningsfulle ...
  • Video transcription Julie Mulet

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...everybody and thank you for your interest. My name is Julie Mulet. I'm a French postdoctoral fellow in psychology and learning sciences. I'm currently working in a multidisciplinary research laboratory in ...
  • Video transcription Silje Benonisen, Terje Daleng, Anette Smith-Isaksen Holdhus

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...to this presentation of Statped's approach to 3D printing. I am Terje Daleng. SILJE BENONISEN: And I am Silje Benonisen. ANETTE HOLDHUS: And I am Anette Holdhus. We will introduce you to our philosophy ...
  • Practical Information

    25.03.2022 | Artikkel

    Educational Psychological Services (EPS) Student welfare workers School nurse Others Where and how do I attend the conference? Click on the webinar link. Registration form appears, with three short questions ...
  • Video transcription Boguslaw Bob Marek

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    "Drawings are like a language. "But for blind persons, it is a foreign language." As a language teacher, I know that any language can be taught and learned, but one must start with the basics. The basics in ...
  • Video transcription Carla Sena & Barbara Jardao

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    Teaching cartography BARBARA: Hi everyone, I'm Barbara Jordão and my partner is Carla Sena. We are from São Paulo, Brazil, and we are geographers. Today we are here to present our research teaching geography ...
  • Video transcription Florence Bara

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...about comprehension when reading illustrated tactile books? This is the purpose of another study that I am going to briefly present. This study focuses on design and evaluation of an interactive tactile book ...

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