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  • Hvorfor er det nødvendig å lære blinde barn og leke med jevnaldrende

    19.02.2019 | Kapittel

    ...selv inn i leken. Det krever at foreldrene er tett på barnet på en helt annen aktiv måte enn foreldre til seende barn.  Synet drar i gang motorisk aktivitet (Jeremiassen, 2013). Med synet skaper barn tilknytning ...
  • Kombinere bilde med tekst

    23.06.2022 | Kapittel

    ...ut.pdf Last ned hvilket ord er riktig.pdf Last ned les ordene høyt.pdf Last ned sett strek fra ord til bilde.pdf Last ned strek under 2.pdf ...
  • Skuvlačála davvisámegillii/nordsamisk

    04.09.2019 | App

    ...buorre reaidu lohkanmetodihkas, Čállit lohkamii boallobeavdejiena ja hupmansyntesa bokte (Å skrive seg til lesing med talende tastatur, STL +). Čállinprográmmas lea giehtačála, vai galgá álkit oahppat dovdat ...
  • Video transcription Lindsay Harris

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...a lot of interesting possibilities here to investigate. One is that: Because the quality of our recordings of the words being spoken wasn't fantastic, it's possible that the participants had to engage in ...
  • Video transcription Dorine in ‘t Veld, Lisanne Aardoom

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...part one. And part one shows the rough outlines of a park with a lake and area with surrounding buildings. The legend is explained in Braille and large red letters. You may have noticed them before, they ...
  • Video transcription Frances Mary d’Andrea

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...a Table-top video magnifier, computer with JAWS but not quite as much. I did a lot of progress monitoring as well. I use this checklist from Literary Braille Skills which is available from www.teachingvisuallyimpaired ...
  • Video transcription Astrid K. Vik, Gro Aasen, Silje Benonisen

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...chose to work with the tablets, computers, braille displays, embossed printers, audio players and recordings, Mountbatten, Flexiboard which you can see at the picture on the top, this can shortly be described ...
  • Video transcription Carina Söderberg

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...asked in this study are, what's accessible without vision? and what is more difficult for braille readings students regarding activities in English? Students take part in a wider range of spare time activities ...
  • Video transcription Natalina Martiniello

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...training. For example, one participant said: "There was a group at the time and I went to a couple of meetings, but I was kind of turned off because they were all blind and I didn't think I was that bad yet ...
  • Video transcription Cay Holbrook

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...pair these invented spellings with some things that we know about their teachers their teachers reporting about what they believe about braille, and what instructional strategies they use when they teach ...

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