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  • Video transcription Hoelle Corvest, Dorine in t’ Veld

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...is covered with a cloth. It looks like a hauberk, as we know from Mediaeval Knights, made of metal rings. So this must be a war horse, but look, it has a human head wearing a crown like its rider. It gets ...
  • Undervisnings og metodemateriell

    29.06.2022 | Kapittel

    Publishing Ltd. (www.speechmark.net) Kryssord. Hefte som består av 64 kryssord med fasit. Kopieringsoriginaler. Arbeid med ord (www.arbeidmedord.no) Newcastle University undervisningsmateriell for afasirammede ...
  • Video transcription Ankita Gulati, Boguslaw “Bob” Marek

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...used with the tactile diagram to position smartphone camera for scanning tactile material and pointer ring on user's index finger. The bottom part of this time is fixed with the diagram and smartphone is placed ...
  • Video transcription Ann Adkinds, Debra Sewell, Scott Baltisberger, Sara Kitchen

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...program. The skills and our questions start are the foundational skills for pre-Braille instruction. Mastering them will be crucial for students in their path to tactile literacy. We also hope that you will ...
  • Video transcription Astrid K. Vik, Gro Aasen, Silje Benonisen

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    And the picture to the right is a game which functions well among the children with numbers and rings to put on the numbers. Eltho tactile is an activity game for two to four participants. The aim is ...
  • Video transcription Abigale Stangl(2)

    18.04.2021 | Artikkel

    ...tactile graphics designers themselves. So this question first emerged for me as I was working and volunteering around different schools supporting people who were blind or visually impaired and learning about ...

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