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Data Protection Regulation regarding Courses

Course Registration and Data Protection

When you register for courses and conferences organised by Statped, we will ask you to provide information including your

  • name
  • address
  • place of work
  • position
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • invoicing information (if the course is not free)

When you have registered, we will send you a confirmation by email.

The purpose of registration is to allow us to manage who has registered for our courses and events and look after you as a participant. If a course is not free, we will also use the registered information in Statped’s invoicing system. We are obliged to store some accounting data for 10 years, and we keep these data in a way that allows us to look up certain information.

Data are registered in Statped’s internal technical system (Fabris), which is integrated with Statped’s archive system (ePhorte).

Based on registered data, we can extract general reports with key information about courses and events, such as

  • start and end date
  • number of participants
  • course location

You can contact Statped if you would like to

  • view
  • correct
  • delete

registered information relating to your registration for our courses and events. If you are registered as a participant on one of our courses or events, we cannot delete the information registered about you if you still wish to participate.