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Requirements for digital presentations at Tactile Reading 2021

Universal design

Bear in mind accessibility for attendees with blindness and vision impairment. Present your work as if you “were on radio”. However, pictures are a good support for sighted to highlight and engage. We recommend the use of pictures and precise explanations of visual content like pictures, videos, and graphs. As a contributor, we recommend that you read through the attached document “Universal design of presentations” and take this into account when planning your lecture.


You are responsible for ensuring that privacy consideration is taken care of within your recording(s).

Video recordings

There are several ways to do a video recording. You can use

  • A mobile phone
  • A PC with PowerPoint presentation (Look for “Record” in PowerPoint)
  • A recorded Zoom meeting: suitable if you are two presenters
  • Advanced video editing containing different media sources, e.g. videos, screen recordings / screenshots, voice over

Sound and lightning

  • Ensure high quality sound:
    • Use external microphone/headset
    • Speak close to the microphone
    • Make the recording in a room with no background noise
    • Test the sound quality before recording
  • Ensure good lightning and visual conditions


  • Use minimum HD 720p as video format
  • If you are using a mobile phone:
    • use landscape mode
    • use a tripod to ensure stability


In accordance with universal design, all videos must be texted before publishing.