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Video transcription Stephanie Herlich & Steve Landau

T3 Braille Touch Graphics

STEPHANIE: Hello, I'm Stephanie Herlich. I am a teacher of the visually impaired and Orientation and Mobility Specialist in California. And I'm here to introduce you to the T3. T3 is a tactile tablet that uses paper overlays on a free-standing tablet. There are several different programmes that can be used with the T3, including T3 Braille, T3 Tactile Graphics, and T3 Games, with more to come. I am going to briefly talk about T3 Braille, and then, demonstrate the tablet. Here is the T3 tablet. Main things to notice are this bar on the left-hand side with the knobs. This is where we place our braille sheets. Every sheet comes with these three holes punched out to place right on top of the knob. And also, a barcode, and this is how T3 knows what sheet and knows what directions to read to the student. There's a camera under here that reads the barcode. So, I'm going to place this on the tablet, and you'll notice that it recognises right away what sheet I have on here. This particular one comes from Module One Tracking. This is at the beginning of the series of the Mangold Programme that I talked about a little bit earlier.

TABLET: B1T-T3 Braille Module One Tracking, sheet 15. Activity one. Press and hold on the braille at the beginning and end of every line. Then swipe anywhere to end the lesson.

STEPHANIE: So, I'm going to go ahead and get started. Placing my fingers at the top. At the very beginning of the braille. And I'm going to push. (BELL RINGS)

TABLET: Awesome.

STEPHANIE: Tracking across the line, finding the end. I'm going to push again. (BELL RINGS)

TABLET: Correct.

STEPHANIE: I'm doing pretty good. I'm getting immediate feedback. Tracking down. (BELL RINGS) TABLET: Awesome.

STEPHANIE: Feeling pretty good about myself. Let's see if I make a mistake. (TABLET BEEPS)

TABLET: Oopsie.

STEPHANIE: Oops. I got my immediate feedback, but I'm going to keep going and try again, my braille sheet. I'm going to go ahead and do that.

TABLET: Swipe right again, to finish this activity and get your score.

STEPHANIE: Let's find out what my score is.

TABLET: On this activity, you got seven correct out of 22 possible correct answers in 10 tries for an accuracy of 31%. It took you 72 seconds. Swipe left to repeat this activity. This was the only activity on this sheet. If you'd like to start this lesson again, take the sheet off the T3 and replace it, or place a new sheet.

STEPHANIE: So, I'm going to go ahead and take it off and it will be ready for a whole new sheet. TABLET: T3, place a sheet to start.