Til hovedinnhold


An educational approach to Braille, graphics and digital tools

Participants are invited to give presentations of their best practice and research. The topics for workshops are:

1. The Neuroscience of Tactile Reading and Understanding

  • Mental imagery and spatial cognition
  • The impact of blindness on imagery
  • Tactile and haptic test battery or material

2. An Inclusive Approach to Early Intervention in Kindergarten and School

  • Use of tactile symbols and schedules
  • Use of tactile graphics
  • Pre-braille activities
  • The earliest reading and writing, analogue and digital

3. An Inclusive Approach to braille and literacy

  • Introduction to braille
  • Going from print to braille
  • Multimodal reading; using braille, print and speech
  • Learning braille in a second language
  • Achieving higher levels of literacy

4. Tactile graphics and 3D material

  • Interventions for using tactile graphics and 3D materials
  • Maps and illustrations
  • Utilizing 3D print

5. Tactile reading and universal design

  • Tactile material in public space
  • Publicly available devices with braille
  • Learning material in a digital community
  • Access to written language in public space
  • Image descriptions
  • Access to tactile graphics and 3D