Til hovedinnhold

Touching maths

The Touching maths + project is a European project of SPSM (Sweden), Statped (Norway) and Royal Visio (the Netherlands) from september 2022 – september 2025. We are in the process of building an online resource. Here is some information about what you will find.

The Touching maths + aims to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics to braille readers. We will do this by describing which skills the pupils must master and which adaptations they need, in order to learn mathematics when reading braille. The purpose is to give braille readers better opportunities to take education in higher-level mathematics.

A digital teaching instruction

The resource will contain teaching instructions.This is intended intended for all professionals involved in the math education of Braille readers. These are not only the mathematics teachers of the braille readers, but also professionals in ICT, Braille reading and Tactile reading. In our documents, Tactile reading refers to reading and understanding tactile graphs, tactile drawings and 2D- and 3D-models. To some extent, this document can also be used to support students who are severely visually impaired but do not use Braille.

On this page will you find manuals, teaching materials and other useful information. This information will be produced and put on this page noe later the 2025.

What is EMCC?

Every country has a mathematical core curriculum (MCC). It describes what skills and knowledge students need to understand and do mathematics at a specific level. It is impossible for Braille readers to achieve the same academic goals for mathematics as their sighted peers when they don’t get additional support. Therefore, we developed the Expanded Mathematical Core Curriculum (EMCC).

This curriculum communicates what knowledge and skills Braille readers must acquire to understand and do mathematics in addition to the knowledge and skills described in the Mathematical Core Curriculum (MCC). For example, reading mathematical symbols and expressions in Braille, reading tactile drawings and graphs and using specific software that is accessible for Braille readers.