Til hovedinnhold

Translation of Content

All text on statped.no can be translated to and read aloud in many languages with "Immersive Reader" in Microsoft Edge.

How to do it

  1. Go to the desired web page at www.statped.no with the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Select method A or B:
    • A: Click the "Immersive Reader" icon in the "View site information" window (that is, where the URL is at the top of the page):
Edge-ikon på menylinje
  • B: If the webpage does not have the icon as shown in A, do as follows on a PC:
    - EITHER: Select the desired text and right-click on the selected text.
    - OR: Hold down the Ctrl key and press the letter A on your keyboard (Ctrl+A) to highlight all text and menus on the webpage. Right-click on the selected text or in a location on the webpage where the background is without content (white).
  • In the menu that appears, select "Open in Immersive Reader", as shown in this video:
  • Translate and read text in other languages with this menu, which also pops up:
  • Skjermdump Engasjerende leser meny.
    • Select the language you want to translate to with «Leseinnstillinger», «Oversett», «Velg et språk», and «Oversette hele siden»:
    Skjermdump Leseinnstillinger.
  • Choose to read the translated text with "Les høyt" (If necessary, select the voice of the language you have translated into with «Stemmealternativer»):
  • Skjermdump innstillinger for stemme.
    Finally, tap the "Play" symbol (if the reading doesn't start automatically):
    Skjermdump Menylinje Les høyt.