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Video transcription Antje Mönnig


ANTJE: Hello and welcome to our presentation of "Klapperlapapp," an inclusive children's book series. My name is Antje Mönnig and I'm a Graphic Designer in the Department for Product Development at the German Centre for Accessible Reading in Leipzig, Germany. In our library, we produce tactile childrens books in different ways and I'm proud to present you "Klapperlapapp, feel there, an animal!" One of our material books. The name klapperlapapp is a coined word composed from the German words for chatting and turning down pages. Which describes the playful character of this book series. In the book "Klapperlapapp midi, feel there, an animal" it's all about animals. The book is in landscape format and the pages are separated and can be turned over, up and down. So you create an animal by putting together the bottom and the head of an animal. For example, a Bumblebee. Or you create a new and as yet unknown animal like the Bumblefish. Half Bumblebee, half Fish. Above the material picture of the animal you find a small riddle in large print and braille. For the development of this product we implemented the seven principles of universal design and required feedback from our main target groups. I'm going to show you some aspects and features of our book according to the principles of universal design. First, equitable use. The illustrations are tactile and the text is in large print and coloured braille. Furthermore, we try to reduce costs. So we are able to offer the book for an affordable price. Second, flexibility in use. There's not just one way to read the book. You can read the text or explore tactile graphics, invent new animals, and so much more. Together with the book, we sent you suggestions and an accompanying letter. Third, simple and intuitive use. You get a short instruction that helps you to figure out a way of using. So you know, on which side you'll find the bottom or the head of an animal. Fourth, perceptible information. We give the reader the opportunity to use various channels of perception. Watch the colourful illustrations or touch exciting materials as well as moveable parts. Fifth, tolerance forever. To minimise the risk of injury, high quality is one of our priorities. The book consists of rounded corners and wipeable cover as well. Besides, I mentioned it before there's no wrong way of use. Sixth, low physical effort. We use a wire comb binding for easy turning of pages and the size of the book fits for children's and adult's hands. So it's comfortable to use for everybody. Seventh, set size and space for approach and use. The book is small in size and light in weight. And we created a little fish pendant. So even children who are not able to read find the book in the shelf independently. All in all, the method of universal design helped us create a product that connects people with different skills. The series "Klapperlapapp" is available in three formats called mini, midi and maxi. They differ from each other in size and complexity. Besides, "Feel There, an Animal" the following books are already published: "Klapperlapapp-mini-Shapes+Surfaces" and "Klapperlapapp-maxi-Winter is..." Further releases are planned. We advocate for inclusive childrens books that are accessible and fun for everybody. So if you agree and need more information please get in touch. Thank you for your attention.