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Video transcription Nicole Johnson & Ann Cunningham

How to create tactile pictures using a Cricut cutting machine

FEMALE SPEAKER: How to create tactile pictures using a Cricut cutting machine. Tutorial by Nicole Johnson and Ann Cunningham. The techniques in this video are centred on using a computer driven, desktop cutting machine. We recognise this technique requires a visual mediator, but still has value as a means of producing multiple copies of clean-cut tactile images. The first step is to sketch out a design. Next, draw out the sketch in a vector drawing programme. The top layer is a complete outline and the details can be fit in one or two middle layers. Once the layers are saved individually as an SVG, we can now pull them up in the Cricut design space. Select attach to set the shapes together. Recenter the three hole punch to the mat. Set the paper type for the machine. Now you're ready to cut your paper layers. Feed the mat into the Cricut machine to begin cutting. Gently remove the paper from the mat. Continue the process until all the layers of the design are cut. Experiment with a variety of different textured papers to distinguish each layer. To make a colouring book, use all white paper. Three hole punch the backing page and fit it onto the pegboard. In a well ventilated area, glue the backside of each layer with Super 77 spray by 3M. Layer the glued pages onto the pegboard, starting with the back layer and ending with the top outline page. The last step is to cut an orientation marker in a consistent location. Our growing catalogue includes these designs ranging from sea creatures to savannah animals, in addition to many other topics of interest. If you'd like to participate in our free picture exchange programme for kids, contact Nicole for details. Her email address is Nicole.johnson-1@Colorado.edu. This project is in collaboration with Ann Cunningham, Ann@SensationalBooks.com.