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Tips for screen reader users

The Tactile Reading digital conference will be accessible with a screen reader. Here you'll get some useful tips on how to navigate. The shortcut keys listed are for the Microsoft Windows platform.

The program items

When you are at the program page, all program items are hidden under a collapsed button. Use the Space bar or Enter key to expand it, and use Down arrow to access the corresponding content, including the inline video player(s). When you are finished exploring a specific content, you can hide it again by going back to the button with Shift+B and press it again.

The parallel sessions will be located on a separate page. All parallels related to a specific topic, will be hidden under a collapsed button, that you may expand in the same way as explained above. Each parallel will have a separate heading, and you may navigate between them with h / Shift+H

How to manage playing the videos

All videos are accessed through ordinary inline YouTube video players, placed on the web page. Use letter b / Shift+B to move to next/previous button, or use Down arrow until you reach the play button and press Enter.

When you have the focus within the video player, you can deactivate the screen reader virtual view and use a few single key strokes to handle the stream.

For the different screen readers you can turn virtual view off/on:

  • JAWS: Ins+z
  • NVDA: NVDA+Space
  • SuperNova: Left Ctrl+4
  • Windows Narrator: CapsLock+Space

The keystrokes you kan use when the screen reader virtual view is off, are as follows:

  • pause/play = k
  • backward 10 seconds = j
  • forward 10 seconds = l
  • go to next/previous element = Tab / Shift+Tab

When at the seek slider:

  • jump forward/backward one minute = PgUp/PgDn
  • go forward/backward five seconds = Right/Left arrow
  • jump to beginning = Home

When at the volume slider:

  • increase/decrease volume by 5% = Right/Left arrow

When listening to videos it may be useful to deactivate the screen reader speech. You can turn on/off speech with the following keystrokes:

  • JAWS: Ins+Space, s
  • NVDA: NVDA+s
  • SuperNova: Left Ctrl+0 (zero at the number row)

Technically two or more videos can be played at the same time. To prevent this from happening, make sure you've stopped/paused a video before you start a new one.

Please note that all videos have subtitle texts. If you want to read this texts comfortably, you will find the texts under a link called Video transcript, placed below the corresponding video.

The chat

During the conference a chat will be available from a separate page. This page will be opened in a new tab, which means you can keep it open while following a presentation. After opening the chat you can press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to go to previous tab, e.g. the main page, and Ctrl+Tab to go back to the chat page.

In the chat you will find previous posts below the edit/input field. If you notice questions with replies, you may press Enter to see the replies, and Esc to close this dialog, and return to the comments/questions overview page.

The coffee bar

There will be an open Zoom meeting room available for getting to know each other during the breaks. If you want to participate here, we recommend that you install the Zoom app. Find it on https://zoom.us/download.

When you've activated the link to join the meeting, you'll get a question if you want to open the associated Zoom app. Press the Open button to continue. In the app you must confirm that you want to join with video and then audio activated.

In the meeting room you can press alt+a to mute/unmute and Alt+V to turn camera off/on. Leave the meeting by exiting the app, and close the browser tab with Ctrl+w.